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Eczema Diet Review-Cure Your Eczema Now

Thursday, 2019-06-27, 4:00 AM

Did you know that one of the best ways to get rid of foot eczema is to get rid of your pet cat or dog? Now for most people this is not an option. Your pet is a part of your family, but you may not know that pet hairs can be one of the most common causes behind the eczema on your feet. Many people are often unaware that they may be having allergic reactions to the hair their pets leave lying around. Try to ensure that you don't walk around with bare feet if you have any pets.

Eczema is a very annoying, itchy and irritating condition which can affect different areas of the body. It is often on the hands and the feet that eczema can cause maximum discomfort. On the feet, hard skin and cracks can form between the toes, and on the soles of the feet. This can be quite painful and make walking difficult. So getting rid of foot eczema is a priority for many sufferers.

Because this condition thrives under dry conditions, it is imperative that your feet are kept moisturised. Applying appropriate creams or lotions on the affected areas of your feet will provide you with some relief and decrease the discomfort that you get with eczema on your feet.

You must take extra precautions when you have this condition on your feet. The skin on the soles of your feet is pretty thick, so it will probably need a different treatment from what you may use on other areas of your body. You can try dipping your feet in warm water, to which a few drops of coconut oil have been added. Try this a few times a day and you will find that your symptoms will begin to decrease. Once you have done this, you should moisturize your feet. Don't think that any time of cream or lotion is going to do the trick, you will need a heavy oil based treatment which has a thick consistency. A really good treatment is shea butter.

Clearly this is happening to you because your skin is reacting to something. Sometimes the simple process of just changing the types of socks that you wear can be enough in helping you to get rid of foot eczema. Your doctor may even recommend treatment with antibiotics or a steroid based treatment for getting rid of foot eczema. If you have to use this, then you have to use it. However you must remember that these treatments are not natural treatments, and may come with certain side effects.

A good homemade solution which you can try is to mix equal parts of glycerin and water, and add a few drops of lemon. Then apply this mixture to the affected areas. At first this may sting a little, but in the long run it is pretty effective.

Having eczema on the feet, although painful and irritating, is not as difficult to treat as having eczema on other areas of the body. Apart from taking precautions by keeping your feet moisturized and covered up, you can also use methods which can build up your immunity to the condition to help cure your eczema.

This is done by looking at your diet. There is a common theme among certain foods which can increase the risk of developing a condition like eczema. These can be various dairy products, foods high in sugar, and foods high in fat. The other thing about some foods is that they can weaken the immune system. Our bodies were never designed to cope with all the additives and chemicals which are found in all processed foods. These types of ingredients cause a lot of problems in our bodies, which leaves our abilities to fight off diseases and allergies in a weakened state.

Diet is considered to one of the major causes behind eczema. Some foods are known to help combat conditions such as this by making our immune systems stronger. So start eating a varied diet consisting of nutrient rich foods. This one step alone can do wonders for getting rid of foot eczema.

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